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3 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Have to Avoid

Guest post by Roxanne

Social media has taken online marketing in a whole new level. With the help of the networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, customers and brands were given a better bridge for communication. It changes the way businesses compete to win over customers.

With the power that social media has, it can bring success for your company. At the same time, you can also experience a great failure here if you do not know how to carefully use it. Since we don’t want you to stumble on the huge mistakes that social media can bring, here are 3 terrible examples you must avoid when engaging online:

1. All you do is promote your business.

We know that you’ve joined the popular social media sites to build your brand online. Every business has this for a reason, yet it doesn’t mean that you should just post promotional updates and statuses. It is one of the biggest mistakes that can create the wrong impression about your company.

Keep your marketing moves on a limit. You should also frequently interact with the other online users. Remember that it’s not easy to have a great number of friends or followers. Make them feel that you are more than just an advertiser.

2. When a topic is trending, you join in without researching.

There are times when a term, person, or event becomes a sudden hot topic online. This happens when a huge number of active online users would start posting or tweeting about the same issue.

If you aren’t well informed on the roots of this latest issue, then it might be good to do your research first. Don’t just jump in and join the discussion especially when you want to add up some business promotions. It can ruin the trend or worse, online critics might start bashing your brand instead.

3. You ignore negative comments and feedbacks.

Even when businesses would like to provide the best service or product, some customers aren’t satisfied with it. There are those who might even spread negative comments about your brand. This is a dilemma that can be of headache for your business and you might think it’s best to just keep quiet. Remember that anything shared online can easily spread in a matter of minutes. Staying mum about the issue won’t save your company.

Take time to check out the problem and be witty in using your social profiles online to respond. Review what online reputation strategies you can do to turn the situation around like explaining your side or quickly acting on the issue. Who knows, there might be people who will react in a positive way and help you gain a good image again.

Now that we’ve given you the common mistakes being made by some businesses online, you can already assess the way you handle your social media accounts. Always put yourself in the shoes of your online friends or followers and think about how they would react to your updates.

Since we hope you won’t commit the same errors, we’re also sharing real life examples made by some brands in the business world:

This tweet was posted by Entenmann’s when the term “#notguilty” was trending on Twitter. At that moment, the topic was about the verdict on Casey Anthony’s case. The company’s post wasn’t related to the situation making it gain bashers online.

HabitatUK wanted to promote its great deal to Twitter users so it added trending hashtags on its tweets to be more visible. However, the content or statement used wasn’t relevant to the latest topics.

Burger King made a Facebook contest in the past known as the Whopper Sacrifice, where you had to delete 10 Facebook friends to get a free Whopper. This was shut down by the social networking site because of violations.

Remember to stay true when using social media for promotions. You are communicating to people who use these sites for communication and building relationships. Make these your goals and you won’t have a hard time avoiding the general mistakes committed by some brands in the past.

Author Profile: Roxanne is a creative writer from PrintRunner, your friendly brochure printing company that offers small businesses innovative marketing tools in new and exciting ways.

Image Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Social-media-for-public-relations1.jpg


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