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Politics Are Upsetting, but Voting Is Not

Not many can say they dislike politics more than me. I can’t stand election years, all the talking, debating, fear mongering, and anger. It seems to divide our nation more and more each time we elect a new president. If our kids acted at school the way candidates do on the campaign trial they would be suspended for bullying. It’s simply ridiculous. I don’t care which side of the aisle you sit on, there is no excuse for the shape of our political process. All you have to do is see the video of ‘Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney’ to see how I really feel.


Whose to blame? It depends on who you ask. Mainstream media’s ‘news’ coverage is more entertainment now than it’s ever been. Social media gives more people a voice than ever before, which is good and bad. The most intelligent piece I’ve seen on politics in a long time was last Sunday night on 60 Minutes.

He sat down to interview the GOP and Democratic Senate leadership, and gave them no wiggle room on why the Congress can’t get anything done. “It was very chilly,” 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft said. “They did not look at each other once during the course of the interview. They kept saying ‘my good friend, Harry’ or ‘my good friend, Mitch,’ but it didn’t seem very genuine.”

“Compromise is sometimes very difficult,” Republican leader Mitch McConnell said. “My 47 members of the Senate have very different views from Harry and his colleagues about how much government we ought to have, how much taxation we ought to have, how much regulation we ought to have.”

GOP moderate Olympia Snowe from Maine, is stepping down and she told Kroft “We’re not dealing with tax reform,” Snowe said. “We’re not dealing with the debt ceiling crisis. We’re not dealing with the automatic cuts. We’re not dealing with expiration of the tax rates. I finally said one day, you know, “Is there something else we’re doing that I’m not aware of?”

“Is that one of the reasons you left?” Kroft asked.

“It is,” Snowe answered. “I mean, we’re talking about issues that are looming on the horizon that threaten our well-being as a nation. That threaten our fiscal wellbeing as a nation.”

This is in a nutshell what’s wrong with politics. Adults can’t get along or compromise. These are basic fundamentals of life we teach our kids every day. Why do they go out the window when we start talking about government? My guess is ignorance, but you’re guess is as good as mine. People generally just don’t want to be wrong about anything, but that’s human nature. It doesn’t mean we can’t have a civilized grown up discussion with each other without yelling and name calling when we disagree.

Which leads me to the second part of this post. This morning my wife and I dropped our kids off at school and went to our local polls to vote. I wasn’t excited about it, maybe even dreaded it a little bit, but I knew it was the right thing to do. As we pulled in the parking lot, I couldn’t find a place to park. When I finally did we walked up to the building and there was a line out the door. I’d never seen this before? As we stood in line for a while one thing became very clear, everyone was being nice to each other. Why was this? The only reason I could give was the sign on the door on the way in that read ‘No campaigning’.



Elderly couples were smiling and saying what an honor it was to be there. People kept saying ‘I’m so glad people are turning out to vote’ and ‘I’ve never seen this many people here’. Not once did I hear mention of a candidates name or political party. It was bliss. That’s when I remembered why it was so important. Voting is every American’s job. Regardless of how jaded we become by the media coverage, we all have an obligation to show up and give our opinion about who our leaders are.

People are generally good, regardless of how Fox News or CNN portrays them. I saw some of those good people today, and it made me happy. I left the polls feeling much better than I did when I got there, and THAT is what this whole process is about. If you haven’t voted, please go do it. Your vote counts, no matter what anyone tells you, and if you’re lucky enough to feel that, then you’ll finally get a little satisfaction after putting up with all the political non-sense.



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  1. Leigh Anne says:

    This is an awesome article. I totally agree with you that the entire process and system is upsetting, but that for each of us to do the right thing and vote is one way we can help and feel good about doing it.
    Thanks for this!

  2. Christina D. says:

    Kudos Jason! I became disenchanted with the whole process when it became about Out Spending Each Other.. I get harassed via Ads, News, Mailings (9 in one day alone), phone calls and knocks at the door like religious mongers. It is Politics and how easily the quick to bash forget that it is Special Interests in the pockets of our Government that are the blame for the hot mess our Country is in! Peaceful Wishes To You and Yours,

  3. Paula Henry says:

    As frustrating as politics are, and yes, they are enough to make me want to cry too! I can’t imagine though, a young child caring enough to be so upset without outside influence, which is exactly what we all dislike. The unsolicited opinions and commentary we endure during elections is really kind of insulting. I did vote though and felt good about it!

  4. mithuhassan says:

    Really great article !! Thanks a lot share !!

  5. Yes. The process of politics is miserable and our legislative branch has failed us miserably for the past 30 years. Both parties focus on ‘winning’ their positions rather than governing/improving our country. And we’re in for another tough 4 years as the Republican controlled House tries to keep a Democratic president from getting anything useful accomplished. Maybe if they’d stop acting so much like petulant 6 year olds we could have some faith in our government to act in the best interest of ‘We the People’.

  6. Lindy says:

    Every new presidential election seems more wearying than the last! I think we can’t be too surprised when elected officials get to their posts and spend their efforts warring with the other party when that’s the way they have run their campaigns. I still want to believe that it is possible for a person to win an election without maligning his/her opponent along the way.

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