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  1. Robyn Wright says:

    Great post Jason! So glad you are finding the Note 3 so much more useful for working. I have found the same. While I love my Windows Phone also – there is a lot I do on the Note 3 now too.

    Good for you for recording the wedding too. Contrary to popular belief it is possible to live and enjoy the moment while capturing it at the same time – especially if you have good tools!

    disclosure – I’m on the same cool team as Jason!

  2. Jean Parks says:


    I love reading stories about how a person falls in love with any of the galaxy lineup of phones. I don’t know if my phone makes me a better person but the Note 3 sure does making sharing my life & enjoying slices of my friend’s lives a lot easier!

    Great post!

    disclosure: I’m on the same cool team of folks as Jason!

  3. Teehee. Mine makes me a better girlfriend – my boyfriend jokes that I’m a lot easier to get along with when I’m playing with my phone since I’m not chatting nonstop interrupting his work 🙂

  4. blogomomma says:

    Great post Jason!

    I love how you’ve demonstrated different screens here. It has such awesome features and the screen on the Note 3 totally dwarfs the iphone. I’m mobile at least ten hours a day all day – doing that from the Note compared to the iphone is a total dream. Careful or you’ll be the go to for all the great / vibrant video and pictures for all your events! LOL

  5. Great post Jason. For a long time I’ve been anti-huge cell phone thinking I liked the smaller gadget — but now I’m coveting your Note 3! I often work from my phone and I think I’d find the larger screen much more enjoyable. And your photos rock so the camera quality is an added bonus!

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