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Social Media, Politics, and Our Memories

I know it’s not a very striking title, but this is not my average post. Normally I don’t write about politics. Not because I’m not interested, I’m just really apathetic when it comes to politics. I don’t even discuss politics or religion, unless we are pretty good friends, but I’ve been thinking about this post […]

The NFL and Verizon Blow the Draft Wide Open

The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, and nothing about this time of year reminds us of football. That is until this weekend. It’s the biggest event that football fans have the entire offseason. The NFL Draft. This is a unique event. Not only do you get to anticipate who your favorite […]

Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Should Use Fliphound

As you know, this blog likes to focus on business, especially small business. Today I’d like to shed a little light on a growing new concept that will help drive leads for your business. We will be taking a look at why small and medium sized businesses should use Fliphound and digital billboards to reach […]