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Social Media, Politics, and Our Memories

I know it’s not a very striking title, but this is not my average post. Normally I don’t write about politics. Not because I’m not interested, I’m just really apathetic when it comes to politics. I don’t even discuss politics or religion, unless we are pretty good friends, but I’ve been thinking about this post […]

How to Rank Youtube Videos on Google Fast

A subtle blend of universal appeal and pure entertainment, these are the features that have propelled Youtube to its current top position on the community website league. Taking 3.9% share of the worldwide internet visits in a day, Youtube is the most popular tool for securing traffic and promoting brands. Plus, with research findings pointing […]

Politics Are Upsetting, but Voting Is Not

Not many can say they dislike politics more than me. I can’t stand election years, all the talking, debating, fear mongering, and anger. It seems to divide our nation more and more each time we elect a new president. If our kids acted at school the way candidates do on the campaign trial they would […]