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Viral Video of the Week Ending March 1st, 2013

Viral Video of the Week Ending March 1st, 2013 This weeks video goes to Jennifer Lawrence and her post oscar press conference. She was the winner of best actress for her role in “Silver linings playbook”. After she was announced the winner, on her way up to the stage she tripped and fell. She very […]

The Hamster Wheel Called Content Marketing

In a perfect world you would read these words under very specific conditions that would vary from person to person. In that world it would be in whatever setting you found to be most relaxing. For some of you it would be on the beach while sipping your favorite drink while others would be ensconced […]

I Broke Triberr. What Did You Do Today?

It’s Social Media Week in New York, so I’ve been hitting up all the cool spots this week. Yesterday I was hanging out at the Global HQ. Then I went to see my buddy Ted Rubin at the Ogilvy offices dominate a panel discussion, followed by a dinner and drinks with the Collective Bias crew. Needless […]