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How Many Uses Are There For Wet Wipes?

This is my last post in a three part series for the new Cottonelle Wet Wipes. Since that’s the case I wanted to pose some questions I haven’t asked yet. The campaign has focused on using the wipes as an extra cleansing measure in the restroom, but how many other places can they be used? Have you […]

Bidet Humor From a Rednecks Perspective #LetsTalkBums

  #LetsTalkBums “Why does this hotel room have two toilets in the same bathroom?” Come on, you know you’ve heard someone say that. Well, maybe you haven’t, but I sure have. I grew up in middle Tennessee. While my family doesn’t have a show like Duck Dynasty, I do have redneck roots. We weren’t poor, […]

Cottonelle Talks Bums With Cherry Healey

Cottonelle has a new hilarious campaign talking bums with brand ambassador Cherry Healey,  best know for her work on light hearted BBC documentaries. Now thanks to Dino Dogan and the Triberr, I too have also become an ambassador for Cottonelle on this campaign as well. This is the first post of a three post series, […]