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Brands That Dominate Twitter

Ever wonder which brands dominate twitter?┬áCheck out this infographic and see what you think, you might be surprised. The key points on this infographic are followers and daily mentions. Ford, Nike, Microsoft’s Xbox, and JetBlue are all leaders in this category. In the end the clear winner is JetBlue, with one point seven million followers, […]

The Ultimate Social Media Image Size Cheatsheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Convenient Guide to Social Media Image Sizes Are you looking to update your social media profiles or create new profiles for your business? So, I’m working on updates / a mini re-brand for the site and for my own social media profiles, and I was trying to find all the different sizes for Facebook, […]

5 Most Creative Websites of 2013

Thousands of new websites are created each day across the globe. With literally millions of sites clogging up the net, you need to do something extra special if you want yours to stand out in 2013. Here are 5 of the most creative and inspirational web designs out there: Bagigia Image via bagigia.com If good […]