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Bidet Humor From a Rednecks Perspective #LetsTalkBums

lets talk bums

lets talk bums


#LetsTalkBums “Why does this hotel room have two toilets in the same bathroom?” Come on, you know you’ve heard someone say that. Well, maybe you haven’t, but I sure have. I grew up in middle Tennessee. While my family doesn’t have a show like Duck Dynasty, I do have redneck roots. We weren’t poor, but we definitely didn’t have a bidet. In the United States I think it points more to culture than class. I don’t think anyone forgets the first time they see one though!


What is this? How does it work? Why does water shoot up? It’s broken! It won’t flush! You get the point. It’s a little unsettling to run across something like this in such a private place where you take care of personal business. Bidet’s do have a purpose though, a very important one, cleanliness. Just as my grandmother made me wash my hands every time I left the bathroom as a child, lots of people around the world do the same to their back side. I say ‘more power to them’.


Why all the bidet talk you ask? With Cottonelle’s new flushable wet wipes you don’t have to be friends with a plumber, or have a discount at Home Depot to get a clean behind. The campaign is #LetsTalkBums and it’s focus is to open a discussion about something that you probably don’t spend much time considering, how to wipe.


It can be uncomfortable to talk about. How do you wipe, what do you wipe with, do you have a system? These are all questions that Cherry Healey asks in her video series supporting these wipes. She is the perfect choice for these light hearted and informative spots. The video below is a must watch.


Hopefully this has shed some light on the topic. To continue the conversation, please go over to the Cottonelle facebook page. They manage it well, and really interact with their customers. We have one more post left in this series, so be on the look out for that too.


Disclosure: I am bringing this post to you through my partnership with Cottonelle, their new Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths, and sharing the news about their #LetsTalkBums campaign.






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