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Twitter is the Essence of Social Media

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Open Twitter on any day, at any time, and you’ll find someone to talk to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a national holiday, a religious holiday, or any other time, there is always someone on Twitter. Perhaps more than any other social network Twitter captures what marketers have been working on since the beginning of time, word of mouth. No matter what metric is most important to you, none are more important than the conversion. Which social network to people talk the most on?


Twitter (image via TechCrunch)

Well, that’s a some what tricky question. Twitter announced in June that there are over 140 million users, with 340 million tweets per day (via TechCrunch), and Facebook admits that it’s pulling in 2.7 billion Like actions and 300 million photos per day (also via TechCrunch). I personally don’t need to see these numbers to know what’s important to me. I’ve been on Facebook for 5 years, and Twitter for 4 years. I’ve met hundreds of business contacts, and made countless friends on twitter.On Facebook I’ve never ‘met’ anyone. Well, that’s not entirely true. Since Facebook Groups have become popular, I have met some new people, but only through introductions from friends.

All these connections are an opportunity for someone to share my content with one of their friends, word of mouth at it’s best. While doing this it’s faster, easier, and has been more effective for me to use twitter. Obviously when I make a new friend on Twitter, connecting on Facebook is the next step, but it starts with twitter. It’s the first place I go, and the most fun place I go.

The next logical question is ‘why’? Lots of reasons. Let’s start with the great Mark Twain, who once said, “if I’d had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter”. This, in my opinion is Twitter’s crown jewel. I’m speaking of course of the 140 character limit. I used to hate it, and still do from time to time, but it works. It streamlines your communication and makes you really look at what your want to say. It’s also simple, everything is public, except for direct messages. No secret groups, or hidden group messages. It’s all out in the open. The last big reason is portability. When you see popular television programs showing hashtags to support a certain topic, you know the impact twitter is having. You can do anything with a smartphone these days, and Twitter isn’t anywhere close to being a hard app to use, it’s almost as easy as texting.

The next time someone questions if they should be on twitter, just ask them, “is word of mouth important to you?”.

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  1. Steve Hughes says:

    I was thinking, finally a change from a major Social Network that was positive. All the recent changes from Twitter were welcomed. Twitter has become to “go to” network of choice in the media. You often see, reach me @myhandle from many news programs, and I think the Olympics showed us the power of Twitter. It has a little magic not shared by Facebook, Google+, etc.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. Twitter is the logical place to start: transparency, short message, it’s all out there. It makes sense then to branch out to other social media networks.

  3. MrBill01 says:

    use both but much prefer twitter

  4. Victor says:

    Never thought of it this way, but now that you mention it, I think I agree. I use Facebook purely for staying in touch with people I know in person – in that environment I dare not fully engage with total strangers for obvious reasons. But not so in Twitter – tweeting brings out the true meaning of ‘networking’. Great post!

  5. Gia Marie says:

    I completely agree! Infact I see some lovely tweeps I follow in the comments post! Iam finding a home sweet home on Google… and tend to spend more time there! 🙂

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