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  1. Natasha says:

    Hooked up with EA last June. Love it! I am one who hopes it lasts, and personally spend more time there interacting with some fantastic folks than I do instagram. 😉

  2. Adam Justice says:

    There are a bunch of us who have met a lot of cool people on EA. It is too bad that the company didn’t stay strong & keep attracting new players. It needed some branding changes, and even though the ‘Rocket Fuel’ was creative, it wasn’t appropriate.

  3. Shane Davis says:

    I’m a great believer in Empire Avenue. So much so, I built a free iOS app for it out of my own pocket.

    I think like many, where I believe the real value lies is in the interaction and connections with others. The gaming aspect almost distracts from this; but there are pro’s and con’s to the game aspect. The cash comes in handy when you authentically want to get a message out there. More specifically, missions are good for people wanting to announce something, and good for cash strapped new players.

    One of the key concepts around the iPhone app I developed was to remove all the pain points, like the time consumption. The biggest thing it has been missing to date is engagement with others. Messaging is something EAV haven’t made readily available to developers, and yet, it is arguably the greatest asset to the site. Engaging with others effortlessly.

    I’m hoping with the addition of that feature to my app within the next couple of weeks, it will breath new life into the site and game for veteran players. I know myself, as fast and easy as trading is with my iPhone app, it rapidly becomes a necessary chore versus something you actually enjoy doing. I believe with a new engagement feature where you can post shout outs, and reply to user’s messages via the notifications list, the huge benefits that lie in wait there can be realised.

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